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Meet the Founders

Chris and Carol Green are certified professional Master Life Coaches and Global Leadership Trainers and Consultants. They are a husband-wife team, based in the south central Pennsylvania region, who were commissioned to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes.

With over 30 years of successful community outreach experience, today they focus most of their energy and efforts on the equipping and empowering of leaders within organizations, teams and groups who desire to make a meaningful impact when working in diverse and under-served communities.


The Listen, Lift and Launch Initiative

  • CURE and CARE Training

     * Option I - Orientation

     * Option II - CURE Responders

     * Option III - CARE-Ready Certification

  • Empower Your Team

  • Strengthen Employee Morale

  • Improve Staff Retention

  • Enhance Mission and Vision Buy In

  • Build Multicultural Connections

  • Increase Listening & Communication Skills

  • Decrease Recidivism

  • Boost Confidence

News & Publications
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Chris and Carol Green Named Professors of Searcher Education, Vice Chancellors of Administrative Leadership

June 10, 2020

(UGCSI) --- Professor Clyde Rivers and Professor Michal Pitzl have announced the appointment of Chris and Carol Green as their new Professors of Searcher Education and Vice Chancellors of Administrative Leadership at United Graduate College and Seminary International. This couple will be positioned to lead the Professional Development of the school's global team of educators and instructors.

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May 14, 2020

Pennsylvania, USA --- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, graduated their FIRST EVER, Live Video Conference-based Life Coach Certification Class.

“These incredibly resilient, dedicated and determined students responded to the adjustments and remained focused as they navigated through personal challenges to complete the extended program,” Carol Green revealed. “Many were front liners, serving in human service and neighborhood outreach during the Covid-19 outbreak.”


December 7, 2019

Pennsylvania, USA --- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, were honored at the Life Esteem Kwanzaa Festival as part of the 19th Annual Harambee Community Leaders Award Program which recognizes individuals and organizations that model one of the seven principles of Nguzo Saba.

Community Life Coaches Introduce CARE Readiness™ Concept to Reentry Supporters

August 16, 2019

Pennsylvania, USA --- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, were among several speakers at today's Open House Event at Sound Community Solutions hosted by Vladimir Beaufils. SCS is primarily known for its reentry work with those coming out of prison. In this event, they highlighted their work by presenting testimonials and providing a tour of their newest facility.


Community Life Coach Featured in Community TV News Spotlight

July 16, 2019


Pennsylvania, USA --- The state is highlighting an organization that helps single mothers in Harrisburg. The Shalom House is working on a new facility that will be a one-stop shop for services. The nonprofit organization is renovating the former Unitarian Church on Market Street into what it calls a Community Connection Center for Allison Hill. It means a lot to Carol Green, who grew up in the neighborhood....

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New Milestone: 50 CARE-Ready Leadership Life Coaches Certified and Commissioned Into the Community

June 26, 2019


Pennsylvania, USA --- With the commissioning of their latest life coach certification class, which was hosted by Pat and Nathaniel Gadsden of Life Esteem, Inc, Chris and Carol Green reached another milestone. Since launching their cutting-edge life coach training in 2018, they have now certified and released 50 CARE-Ready Leadership Life Coaches.


First Distance-Learning Student Certified as CARE-Ready Leadership Life Coach

May 22, 2019


Internet ---- Today C and C Connections certified the first distance-learning student to complete their online CARE-Ready Leadership Life Coaching program. This distinguished accomplishment was made by Sharmee Pratt, a resident of Hannibal, Missouri.  


Community Life Coaches Train Mentors Within Organization  That Works with Reentry Persons and Recovering Addicts

December 21, 2018

Pennsylvania, USA --- Chris and Carol Green continued their latest efforts to produce more Innovative Leadership Life Coaches as they launched a new life coaching certificate class at Sound Community Solutions, Inc.


Community Life Coaches Commission Homeless Shelter's  First 'Life Success' Coaches

April 10, 2018

Pennsylvania, USA ---- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green commissioned the Shalom House Women Shelter's first 'Life Success' Coaches through their Leadership Life Coach Certificate Program.

"All of these women diligently worked to obtain this certificate," Chris and Carol Green shared. "The class consisted of 7 members of the Shalom House Women's shelter staff and one member of the Shalom House Board of Directors."

Community Life Coaches Honored on Capitol Hill with Second Honorary Doctorates

March 29, 2018

​Washington, DC (Capitol Hill) --- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green were part of a special Honors and Distinctions Ceremony held in Washington, DC in the chapel of the U.S. Capitol Building. Hosted by iChange Nations™ and Dr. Clyde Rivers, this non-political event featured several honorees from across the United States and from Africa.


Community Life Coaches Honored for Decade of Innovative Service

April 25, 2016

Washington, DC (Capitol Hill) ---Chris and Carol Green were publicly confirmed and acknowledged in receiving Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Christian Leadership (Chris) and Humanities (Carol), which were officially conferred upon them back on February 1, 2016, by the chief chancellor of the United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI).


This public acknowledgment took place during a special evening of honor by iChange Nations™ who hosted their latest Golden Rule Award Ceremony on April 23rd at the Washington Court Hotel, United States Capitol Hill, Washington DC.


At Career Link

Community Life Coaches Give Hope, Restore Dignity to the City's Unemployed

December 14, 2015

Pennsylvania, USA ----Community Life Coaches Chris and Carol Green began conducting a Life Coaching workshop at EDSI - PA CareerLink® Capitol Region in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in October of 2015.

EDSI operates the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program, serving the unemployed and underemployed populations in Pennsylvania. Their core services include job readiness workshops, job search, job club and other career development topics.


This is the area where the Green's life coaching workshops entered the picture. This is where they seized the opportunity to give hope and restore dignity to those who are unemployed in the city.

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DISCLAIMER: Chris and Carol Green are not affiliated with any political party, religious dogma, or 'bandwagon' social movements. They have been under-the-radar leaders in a national phenomenon in which people of faith have been moving, by the thousands, out of their traditions and buildings to take healing and hope to their families, neighborhoods and professional communities.

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