Support Group Session

Listen. Lift. Launch.
Be That Someone to CARE

"When the voice of hope is heard small and the light of love is seen dim, there is Someone to CARE."

C.A.R.E. Training

CARE-Readiness Training is professional and leadership development that means you will be able to:​

  • Empower Your Clients

  • Build Multicultural Connections

  • Increase Listening & Communication Skills

  • Strengthen Employee Morale

  • Improve Staff Retention

  • Enhance Mission and Vision Buy In

  • Decrease Recidivism

  • Boost Confidence

C.A.R.E. Certification

Enlighten and Equip yourself or your team to move past the typical 'deficit strategies' that fail in their attempts to 'fix people'.


Embrace the proven, evidence-based, best practices of a strength-based, solution focused model known as.... 


CARE-Ready Life Coaching

C.A.R.E. Coaching

Need to sort out a few things?

Looking for a fresh perspective?

Not sure of next steps?

CARE Coaching is a great place to start. 

Chris and Carol Green

When we watched inspirational TV shows in which people had their houses rebuilt and restored, we would always say that we want to see that happen in our people, someday, but the work will take place in relationships and families. They will build new foundations and totally remake inner structures in their own hearts and lives.  They don't need us to be a hero to rescue them. All they need is someone to CARE.


"If you want to be empowered and if you want to have your people move into different arenas, Chris and Carol Green will help you understand how to build diverse cultures of integrity and honor as they help people develop through life coaching. They are the BEST!" 

--- H.E. Sir, Dr. Clyde Rivers, World Peace Ambassador, World Civility Spokesperson,

founder of iChange Nations™, and Chief Chancellor of United Graduate College & Seminary Int'l

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