Group Hug
Training, Life Coaching, and Life Coaching Certification to

Get empowered. Be Effective.

Get the  tools to live life on purpose and better help those you serve.

It's all based in CARE

CARE-Ready Responder Training

Professional and leadership development that equips you to:​

  • Empower Your Clients

  • Decrease Recidivism

  • Build Multicultural Connections

  • Increase Listening & Communication Skills

  • Strengthen Employee Morale

  • Improve Staff Retention

  • Enhance Mission and Vision Buy-In

  • Boost Confidence

life coach

Enlighten and Equip yourself or your team to move past the typical 'deficit strategies' that fail in their attempts to 'fix people'.


Embrace the proven, evidence-based, best practices of a strength-based, solution focused model known as.... 


CARE-Ready Life Coaching™


Need to sort out a few things?

Looking for a fresh perspective?

Not sure of next steps?

Life Coaching is a great place to start. 


Chris and Carol Green

We're not here to reach the masses. We're here to catch the misses. We connect with the spiritually and emotionally lost, the forgotten, and those who are overlooked by governmental & religious systems, families, and communities.


When we watched inspirational TV shows in which people had their houses rebuilt and restored, we would always say that we want to see that happen in OUR people, someday, but the work will take place in their hearts and homes. 


“Talk about a power couple....

Thank you Chris & Carol Green for an amazing opportunity! I recommend them to anyone that is serious about taking service to a higher level.” 

— Vladimir B, Founder and CEO of Sound Community Solutions

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