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Now Available for only $300

Welcome to your new future as a Care-Ready Provider and Coach!​


We are so excited that you have decided to take this first step to enhance your future through our PRE-RECORDED CLASS VIDEOS.  Please note that video series is a faith-based course in its content and emphasis. We believe that you are going to add great value to your community and we look forward to being part of your journey. 

Have questions? We try to answer them all on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web page.

Before you register, please review the following:

We are dedicated to your success and want to assure that you are prepared in every way for your online learning experience.

However, please know that since this is a distance-learning certification, we are not in control of your internet service. Matters of bandwidth, internet speed and power outages are issues that are managed by your local internet service. We will do all that we can to assure that our videos and courses are up and available for you 24/7.

In order to successfully navigate and complete this course, there are some hardware and system requirements that will be necessary for you to meet: 


  • You must have a computer, tablet or device that gives you the ability to print documents.

  • This course does not work well with phones.

  • You must be able to open, download and print PDF files and Word Documents.

  • You must be able to view Vimeo or YouTube video files.

  • You must be able to edit documents in order to complete your official life coaching field manual, pass the course, and obtain your certification.

As you go through the course videos, some documents, pages and page numbers are not precisely the same as what is reviewed in the video, but overall the material is the same and still relevant to your learning experience.

You will be able to print your official certificate at the completion of the course.

We are very excited for you as you work to obtain a CARE-Ready Provider and Coaching Certification!

All the best to you!

To access the online course please follow these steps:

 1.) Click on Register Online (below)

 2.) Click on Get Course (will show full tuition)

 3.) Click on Sign Up (not Log In)

 4.) Complete Information

 5.) Click on 'Create an account'

 6.) Choose CARE-Ready Coaching Certification Course

7.) If you have a Coupon Code, Click on 'Got a coupon?'

8.) Enter Discount Code (discounted fee will appear)

9.) Enter debit/ credit card information

10.) Complete transaction

You will have full access to the Course.

Again locate CARE-Ready Coaching Certification Course

Click on Start Course

Click on Log In for all future entries.

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DISCLAIMER: Chris and Carol Green are not affiliated with any political party, religious dogma, or 'bandwagon' social movements. They have been under-the-radar leaders in a national phenomenon in which people of faith have been moving, by the thousands, out of their traditions and buildings to take healing and hope to their families, neighborhoods and professional communities.

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