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Madeline Clark

Certified Faculty and CARE Minister:  Pastor of New Zion Agape Fellowship

Madeline Clark has been serving the Body of Christ and ministering God's word for over 30 years. She was saved and spirit filled in August of 1985 at New Day Way of the Cross Church under Bishop Myles Meredith.  This is where her ministry and foundational growth began. She was licensed and officially ordained as a minister in December of 2001 under the leadership of Pastor Michael O’Dogwu, Founder of Crusaders Ministries International, and in July of 2008 she was licensed and ordained as an Elder under the leadership of Pastor Melvin Thompson II, Founder of True Worshipers Ministries, Inc. In June of 2011 she was installed as Pastor of New Zion Agape Fellowship, Inc., by the late Pastor and Founder Pastor Gloria Jenkins.

In 2016 she began studying under Chris and Carol Green and the Fruitful Life Learning Community where she completed the Faculty Certification in Ministry and Community Services. She also successfully completed the Care-Ready Responder Training and became a certified life coach in the Green's accredited Life Coaching program; thus earning the distinction as a Certified CARE Minister.


She was set apart and ordained in Ministry Leadership by Fruitful Life Ministries because she has demonstrated decades of ministry experience. She has also served on various auxiliaries in the church including: Evangelism and Outreach, Worship Team, Hospitality, ministry of Helps and Prison Ministry. She is currently a Client Specialist at Shalom House Homeless Shelter where she provides Life Skills classes and Life Coaching for women.

Madeline Clark is a pastor with a passion to help hurting and rejected women become born again in Christ, so that they can be the strong women of God they are called to be.  She assists them by helping them to focus on the spiritual growth and development that’s needed to overcome their past. She is a natural nurturer who has had to overcome a lot personally; and can identify with almost anyone she comes in contact with.  Her goal is to minister the love of God to all, that they may receive emotional healing and have restored faith in Him. She declares that whatever God has her hands to do, she will do it all to His glory. 

It is our honor to acknowledge her many years of service and provide ordination and covering for her ministry appointment as a pastor and teacher, as well as other multi-fold ministry that comes forth through her life, and provide covering for her ministry role as a mature elder and overseer in the Body of Christ.


Mary Dennis

Certified Faculty and Servant Leader: Intercessory Prayer

Mary Dennis came to Fruitful Life when it began in Harrisburg in September of 2004, after serving faithfully in Emmanuel Church of God in Christ for over 40 years. Most notably she was known for her service in Intercessory Prayer. She held noon-day prayer gatherings in homes, before it was moved into the church facility. In one of those prayer gatherings, her daughter (Carol) was filled with the Holy Spirit. Little did she know that her daughter would become an ordained minister.


She was an appointed ministry gift to her church, serving in helps and administration. She assisted her sister, the late Willa Mae Barbee in the church’s food bank and served as the church’s secretary. She worked as a manager at Presbyterian Apartments, a complex specifically designed for senior citizens. There, God made her a gift of compassion and encouragement to elderly citizens. She was greatly loved and the residents absolutely hated to see her go when her employment came to an end there.

She is Fruitful Life’s longest standing member. She has led us in Intercessory prayer in weekly public gatherings and continues to stand in intercession for this ministry on a daily basis. She has attended and completed all of the  courses to earn the Faculty Certificate of Ministry and Community Services. She also earned a certificate of completion as a Community CARE-Ready Responder.

She is a fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 12:28 (NKJV) "And God has appointed these in the church: gifts of healing, helps, administrations…."

It is our honor to acknowledge her many years of service and provide ordination and covering for her ministry appointment in intercessory prayer; prayer which has led to miracles and healings, along with the gift of helps and administration; and we acknowledge her ministry role as a mature elder and servant leader in the Body of Christ.


Alton and Shavaun Jackson

Adjunct Instructors and Ministry Leaders: The Givers of Hope Experience

Alton and Shavaun Jackson have been working in ministry for well over 20 years. They are a family of leaders that move by Faith. They have been commissioned by God to reestablish worship in the hearts of men. Their experience includes, but is not limited to: Youth leaders, Pastors of Worship/Minister of Music, Relationship Counseling, Bible Studies, Marriage Accountability Sessions, Girls Nights, Worship Camps, Marketplace Ready Responders, Youth and Young Adult Counseling, Prison Ministry, Walking others through the plan of salvation, Business Advisors, Intercessors, Music Artists, Administration, and Church Accounting. They have helped to bring deliverance from drug addiction and suicide. They are standard barriers. God uses them to bring people to a place of decision.


They have been Encouragers, Mentors, Teachers of God's Word, Emergency Family Counselors, Leadership Trainers, worked on the mission field (domestic), singing, and teaching children. They have provided care for the sick. They have found themselves serving by cleaning, cooking, being a liaison and advocates for those who could not do for themselves, and have even been a moving service. God has used them to lay hands on and pray for people, and they have seen God bring healing. They help to facilitate transition in the lives of others, churches, and businesses. They serve as a haven to those that need healing: mentally, emotionally, physically, etc., They have been called an SOS team, and undercover agents that pull people out of extreme distress. 


They are called to give hope in spite of their own situations (like Homelessness, Financial strain, illness, uncertainty), but in those moments God has used them to be a conduit of hope. To sum it all up, they  are  Givers of Hope! They have been used Prophetically, by God, to speak into the lives of people.

It is our honor to acknowledge and provide ordination and covering for their ministry appointment in multi-fold ministry expressions (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching), along with gifts of miracles, healing, helps and administration that has already come forth through their lives; and provide covering for their ministry roles, as mature elders and overseers in the Body of Christ.


Maxine Wright

Certified Faculty and Ministry Leader: Open Arms House of Love

Maxine Wright grew up in a Christian home in Newark, New Jersey. She received her early Christian development at The Glorious Church of God in Christ; under the leadership of her aunt, Pastor Minnie Mason. She was Baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 13. 

In 1981, she relocated to Pennsylvania, where she was a choir director and mentor to young girls. Maxine received formal ministry training in 1999, at Abundant Life Church. She was ordained as an Elder in 2004 at True Worshipers Ministry, where she served as Director of Woman’s Ministry, Worship Leader and Director of Christian Education.


For the past thirty years, Maxine has ministered to battered teens and housed individuals overwhelmed with life challenges. In 2017, Maxine founded Open Arms House of Love, a home fellowship. Open Arms House of Love is dedicated to providing comfort and counseling based on God’s Truth, one person at a time. She believes that true ministry is in the field where people are in need of guidance, compassion and love. She has found tremendous joy in helping to shape the lives of her nieces and nephews particularly on a spiritual level. 

Since 2016, she has continued to serve family and community under the direction of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the oversight of Pastors Chris and Carol Green and Fruitful Life; where she completed the Care-Ready Certificate training, as well as several Fruitful Life Equipping Leaders courses.


It is our honor to acknowledge and provide ordination and covering for her many years of serving in her ministry appointment as a pastor and teacher, as well as her ministry role as a mature elder and overseer in the Body of Christ.

Guest Instructors
Dr. Raphael Green, D.Ed.Min
Presiding Bishop of Metro Christian Worship Center
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Bishop Paul Veney
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Frank King
Senior Pastor of Refreshing Waters Worship Center
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Amethyst Roberson, MA, LPC, NCC
A R Therapy and Consulting LLC
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
John and Kerry Shuey
Kingdom Quest Ministries
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

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