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Chris and Carol Green


Chris and Carol Green (B.A., M.A., CLC,  Doctors Honoris Causaare authors, educators, professional life coaches, community leadership consultants, ordained ministers, songwriters, poets, intentional listeners, and students of life and the Bible. They are also traditional marriage & family advisers, and promoters of mental wellness and human rights advocates. They are a husband-wife team who were commissioned to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes. 


They are the founders and creators of the Fruitful Life Family Media, a hope-based, innovative, internet reference resource that is designed to facilitate personal and relational growth and healing for leaders. This online resource helps leaders and researchers become more informed on Biblical teachings and views, equipping and enabling them to apply their beliefs and convictions in every day situations and relationships.


Their goal has been to build individuals, households and Faith families that have a balanced Biblical worldview, an eternal perspective of life after death, and benevolent hearts for local community services (homeless shelters, drug/ alcohol recovery centers, food outreaches, local schools, pregnancy resource centers, prison outreaches, unemployment services, hospital spiritual care teams, and prayer networks); supplying manpower, volunteers and resources.

The Greens served in local Church leadership in St. Louis, MO and Harrisburg, PA for a combined 28 years before launching out full-time to release the community-supporting initiatives of the Fruitful Life Network, Inc.


For their community service, they received a Harambee 2019 Community Leaders Award and a United Way 2017 Volunteer of the Year Nomination. They have also received Urban Leadership Awards (2016) and Community Ambassador Awards (2015) from iChange Nations™, and Goodwill Ambassadors of World Peace Awards (2015) as part of the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative to the United Nations and the Golden Rule International. 


Their travels have taken them from coast to coast in the United States, to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Trinidad, the United Kingdom, and West Africa.


As authors, the Greens have written 14 books: Eleven inspiration books for small groups and families, one book about marriage & relationships, and two books to help people navigate seasons of transition, trials and change. All of their books provide the context for discussion and coaching within the small groups and in-home gatherings.


They were officially acknowledged and released into this community outreach on May 30, 2004. Surrounded by family, friends, church elders, fellow leaders, church members and well wishers, they were sent forth with the laying on of hands in a glorious Commissioning Service and Ceremony.  In July of 2004, they moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Carol's birthplace) to begin a new phase in their life.

Chris and Carol Green received formal Ministry Leadership Training (a 5-year school of ministry) from Metro Christian Discipleship Academy in Saint Louis, Missouri, earning licenses and ordinations as ministers in May of 1991. To further enhance his education, Chris completed two business certification programs at the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ School of Professional and Continuing Studies. They also completed a certificate lay-counseling program by the American Association of Christian Counselors.


They continued to expand and grow in their professional development through their enrollment in United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), where they earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in Christian Leadership, as well as certification as master life coaches through its College of Divinity: Educational Department. They currently serve as Professors and Vice Chancellors of Administrative Leadership at UGCSI, where they provide professional development for the institution's global team of educators.


In 2016, they received honorary doctorate degrees in Christian Leadership (Chris) and Humanities (Carol); honorary ministry degrees, conferred to acknowledge 11+ years of building and implementing a new urban church model that combined the evidence-based principles of Participatory Teaching methods with Group Life Coaching, to produce an effective, quantifiably successful, and family-impacting ministry in south central Pennsylvania.

In 2018, they both received honorary doctorate degrees in Society and Human Rights; honorary ministry degrees conferred to acknowledge 25 years of producing innovative, life-changing outreach models/ strategies in the urban community. 

Before moving to Pennsylvania, for nearly seventeen years, (14 as associate pastors) Chris and Carol Green served the congregation of Metro Christian Worship Center in Saint Louis, Missouri. They were officially ordained as ministers in May of 1991. They faithfully supported the senior pastor by overseeing and laying the foundation for the teenagers, young adults, singles, and pre-marital ministries. Chris also laid foundation for the multi-media outreaches (resource center, radio, television, computer graphics, presentations, publications, etc.) and the business management of the local church.


They became known as Dad Chris and Mom Carol to the young adults and teenagers in St. Louis because of the emotional and relational healing that came through their lives and guidance. They used "easy to understand" basic Bible teaching along with cultural and ethnic expressions of music and the fine arts in their weekly meetings to help young people identify with God and Biblical moral principles. 


They have written nearly 200 songs that have been used for children and teenagers as well as many local church community outreach efforts. They have been involved in nearly every aspect of church life ranging from housekeeping and janitorial work to executive administration and pastoral care.

As itinerant speakers they engage small groups or larger assemblies in settings ranging from training sessions to church congregational gatherings. Most often they address issues involving the healing of hearts and homes. They also provide encouragement for church servant-leadership, while moving in prophetic gifts to exhort and build the international church family. Their travels have taken them from coast to coast in the United States, to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Trinidad, the United Kingdom, and to West Africa.


Chris serves on the executive board of Metro Associates, Inc, a unique combination of Christian leaders, professionals and lay-persons dedicated to the fulfillment of the Great Commandment, the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate in the 21st Century Urban World and beyond. Utilizing the wisdom and expertise of like-minded persons and groups, MAI exists to lead and assist in the improvement of the quality of life for all urban center dwellers and visitors in the St. Louis  urban-metropolitan region, across the United States, and beyond.

As MAI's program director of media outreach, from 1989 until 2004, Chris helped coordinate annual street outreach and events. He produced an award winning cable TV broadcast called Urban Liberation and established two music publishing companies called  Heart of the Nation Music and Metro Arts Publishing, through the Arts & Productions auxiliary of Metro Associates, Inc.


They have also served as local prayer and para-church team members in the My Hope outreach of the Billy Graham Association.

Chris and Carol have been married since January of 1981. They have three adult sons,

two daughters-in-law, two grand children, and a host of people throughout the world who call them 'mom and dad'.

Pictured above with Chris and Carol are: David, Michelle, Antonette, Christopher and Jonathan Green.

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