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Urban Life Virtual House Church

Inspirational Books and Video Downloads

...for your Faith Family and Home Group Gatherings

Please use these books and video clips as part of your Faith Family Gatherings.


You can choose to journey through this material in any order and at your own pace.


Click on TITLES to access materials.

Access a Daily Prayer of Proclamations and Devotional

Teaching Series from Psalm 139 & 2 Peter 1: 5-10

Excerpts from high-impact Sunday Gatherings from 2010 - 2015

Marriage and Relationship

Navigating Life's Transitions, Trials and Changes

Josh McDowell challenges our many beliefs about the Bible

Josh McDowell deals with the validity of the Bible

Josh McDowell helps us work through our concepts of Morality

These lessons focus on vital life-healing teachings for Believers

(Practical understanding and a spiritual overview of this ministry) This series is usually explored when one is considering joining or supporting this ministry.

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