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Fruitful Life Men

Coaching and Teaching

THE HONOR ROLE: Building a Culture of Honor for Every Life

and Respect for the Contribution of Every Gift to the World.



This internet outreach is designed to bring HONOR to the ROLES that are being played out in every day life: men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and more.


It is a movement of HONOR that will protect and preserve the traditions and legacy of our families and cultures.



Father's Day Messages

(Speaking to Men of Honor)




Gift of Resiliency

Fathers Day Message 2015



An Open Door for Fathers

Father's Day Message 2014



God Sets the Solitary in Families

Father's Day Message 2012



We Have Not Many Fathers

Father's Day Message 2011



The HONOR Role: 2010

Father's Day, June 20, 2010


Representing God as Father


Is there a connection with God identifying Himself as Father? How do you see yourself as a father?

Seeing God as a Father


How has becoming a father changed your Christian walk?

We're In This Together


How did becoming a father change your relationship with your wife?

Making Them Pay for the Sins of Their Fathers


Do you think this generation is losing the importance of fatherhood?

They Will Regret It


Why do some soon-to-be (and new) fathers leave their families?

From Selfish to Selfless


How does a young man get to the point where he becomes a selfless father?

Targeting the Image of God as Father


Why is fatherhood targeted so heavily in the media and

presented as something that guys should not aspire to become?

Getting Things Right Between You and God


What tips or advice do you have for a young man who really wants to be a father

or wants to get back into the life of his child's mother?

Be What They Are Looking For


How do you raise your children to seek God and eventually find the right spouse?

Funny Moments with Dad


What are some of the funniest moments with your dad?

How to Treat A Woman


What did you learn about girls from your dad?

God Will Provide


What would you say to someone who is without their dad?

Words That Kept Me Alive


What were some of the serious or special moments with your dad?

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