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Faith and Family

Family Coaching and Teaching

Chris Green answers a question at the conclusion of a coaching session.



The faith and family coaching sessions do not avoid the controversial topics and

difficult issues about life, relationships, the Bible and God.


Family Impact Moments





Brainwashed By My Church (Part 1)


Brainwashed By My Church (Part 2)

(How Has Your Church Background Shaped Your World View?)




Dynamics Within Church Families




Exposed to the Truth & Reality of God's Love

(How Has Religion Controlled Your Thinking?)




Why Has God Assembled Us?

(Challenging the Prosperity Gospel)




Such Were Some of You

(How to Lovingly Engage Gay and Lesbian Friends and Family Members)




I've Had Enough

(A Call for Repentance in our Churches, Hearts and Homes)




Becoming Community Builders

(Restoring Our Community and World)




The Verdict Is In

(A Call for Understanding in Responding to Ferguson, Mo)



Got Questions?

Words of Wisdom, Advice and Healing

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Family Impact Q & A Session

(Marriage and Family Impact)




I Live for YOU, Alone (1-2)



The Test of Faith



For the Joy Set Before Us



Dealing with Life's Riddles



That You May Be Healed - Q & A Session (Part 1)



That You May Be Healed - Q & A Session (Part 2)



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