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Our Core Values


People may join an organization, a business, a group, or an outreach because they share the same vision, but we believe that in order to walk and work together, we must also share the same core values. Community connections must go deeper than sharing a similar vision for people.


Urban Life: a 21st century outreach built on these Biblical principles and values.

  • We value Christ (The True Mission, Purpose and Person of Jesus Christ)

  • We value Communion (Prayer)

  • We value the Church (Faith families who declare and demonstrate God's love)

  • We value Covenant (God's commitment and promises to us; Our commitment and promises to one another)

  • We value Character (Lives of Purity and Integrity)

  • We value Community (Fellowship/ Unity/ Connection/ Camaraderie)

  • We value the Commission (Inspire and encourage others to become followers of Christ)

  • We value Coaching (Equipping people to serve humanity - Ephesians 4)

  • We value Children (Building for the future)

  • We value Challenges (Never run from the fight; face the giants head on!)

We trust these are the values you are looking for as you explore this family-focused life coaching center.

“Can two walk together unless they are agreed?”- Amos 3:3 (NKJV)

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