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Consultation and Advice


We appreciate being considered for advice and counsel for your life, marriage or family. We have been serving people for over 30 years and we have a lot to share to help you in your journey.


Life Coaching appointments can be made HERE


According to state and federal laws and regulations, we must disclose that we are NOT licensed professional counselors.


Therefore, we do not provide consultation and advice for matters beyond our scope as marriage and family advisers and community life coaches.


Although we have received training and preparation from the American Association of Christian Counselors, we refer the more serious matters like domestic violence, mental health challenges, sexual or physical abuse,

and drug/alcohol abuse and addictions to reputable licensed  professional counselors in this community.



Our city has been blessed to have the services of the


Harrisburg Biblical Counseling Center

420 S. 21st Street

Harrisburg, PA 17104



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