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Fruitful Lifestyle Development

Living Healthy, Secure and Mature

This series focuses on vital life-healing teachings for Followers of THE WAY.


Series #1: Spiritual Security (Assured and Secured in Your Relationship with God)




The Inner Witness That You Are Saved



Understanding Salvation



How does God expect me to live now that I'm a Believer?



Consequences of Sin and Disobedience (Part 1)



Consequences of Sin and Disobedience (Part 2)






Series #2: Spiritual Maturity


(A Spirit-Filled Life)


Spirit-Filled Living (Part 1)



Spirit-Filled Living (Part 2)




(A Word-Filled Life)


The Power and Victory In a Word-Filled Life





(A Life of Prayer, Praise and Worship)



Prayer, Praise and Worship



Principle, Practice and Purpose of Tithes and Offerings

Series #3: Emotionally and Spiritually Healthy


It Begins In You



Jubilee for You and Me



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