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Songs from Fruitful Life


Chris and Carol Green write and produce songs to reinforce the lessons from their teaching and coaching sessions.


All songs are available FREE of Charge

This Time


....features songs to build your faith and prepare your heart and home for healing. These tunes were written in the context of great trials, as Chris and Carol, with their sons, crossed through a wilderness season of their life. It is their hope that this collection will become a source of encouragement to strengthen other families through the difficult seasons of life.

Love Songs


This collection of love songs, written by Chris Green, celebrates anniversaries, the wedding day (from the parent's point of view), and other  special or intimate moments. From wedding day songs like, What God Alone Has Joined to mood songs like Takes My Breath Away, this production features music and lyrics for husbands and wives who are making a serious effort to help their relationship last a life time.

Back in the Day


....marks a 15-year collection of the favorite music of family, friends and fans of Chris and Carol Green. These tunes spans from 1990 through 2005 and features the power packed mix of the title song (Back In The Day) led by Pam Green-Keys and Michael McCollum, Jr. These songs about life, love, marriage and spirituality, are presented in the unique style and producer touch of Chris Green.

Zeal a collection of fun praise tunes for children. For five years Chris & Carol recorded songs with the youth of their home church. Each song was connected to lessons to creatively drive home the message each week. It is their wish that these tunes will be passed on to children today because they are just as lively now as they were back then.

It's a Family Thing


....features songs for occasions like Mother's Day, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and a heart wrenching song to celebrate loved ones that have passed on.

Assault On America


The night of September 11, 2001, people gathered in churches across America. Raphael and Chris Green released a collection of songs to bring understanding and comfort during that tragic season in our nation.

Parental Attempts at RAP


Through the years there were a few songs that were expressed in rap music form.

Even though they couldn't do it like the teenagers, they used this art form just to

let the youth know that their music taste was accepted and appreciated.

All songs publishing and copyrights through Metro Arts Publishing and/ or Heart of the Nation Music


Performance rights through BMI.


Church Copyrights through Church Copyright Licensing Inc. (CCLI)


Chris and Carol Green are affiliate BMI songwriters.


Their songs are administrated by Metro Associates, Inc. (Metro Arts Productions Division)

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